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doPDF 5.0.212

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doPDF 5.0.212

At one point there my friend who asked how the heck to change the file format of excel, word to pdf format, so if we send the file can not be edited again by the user that we send? Finally, I'd say there is anyway you want, after I was looking for - search application turns found an application that can change the file - the file to pdf format is the name of the application doPDF.

The application is free just download the application here and install the pc co -.
if it appears the page ads.ly wait a while and then press the skip button ad on the top right corner

If there is a less obvious way as follows

Just as Ctrl + P will print.tekan select the printer name as shown below

Then press the ok button will appear as below

After that lives would be saved when the file after the selected folder and just click the ok button

Be the resulting file ...

Good luck

Download Film The Avenger

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Download Film The Avenger

When an unexpected enemy appeared, threatening the safety and security, Nick Fury, director of the Agency for International Peace, known as SHIELD , Requires the team to save the world from disaster. Recruitment effort begins

Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Thor, Black Widow and Hawkeye gathered to conquer Gods Destruction, Loki, in his quest to destroy the earth. With all the combined forces, the task seems easier. But the reality is not so! The super heroes against each other instead of each other

Hulk against Captain America, who will win? Is Iron Man's super strength to defeat Thor? How do these super heroes together for a disaster, protect the community and most importantly, survive?

Many asked why Spiderman was not in the movie The Avengers. Though a hero who is identical with that spider is also owned by Marvel. This happens because Spiderman is owned by Sony Pictures while The Avengers produced by Walt Disney.

However, the possibility of joining in The Avengers Spider-Man can still occur even though the odds are very small. This was stated by Avi Arad, the producer of The Amazing Spiderman. "Everything is still possible," said Avi Screengeek was quoted as saying. "And if it really happened, then this would be a great thing for Disney and Sony," but in the movie Spiderman The Avenger was not included ... oh so very sorry for spidey fans, maybe in The Avenger 2 this could take the Spiderman .... direct download movie below

The Avenger.vob.006

Enjoy This movie...

Tips DOS PROMPT Stopping the Process Through

To stop the processes (applications and services) that are running on Windows I'm sure you often do it from Windows Task Manager.

In addition to these, there are other ways you can do that is through DOS Prompt. The trick is as follows:

  • Go to the dos prompt by typing cmd from the Start menu - Run.
  • Write a tasklist and hit enter, it will show a list of running processes as shown below

  • Find the name of the process that you want to stop, then look for its PID number.
  • Suppose you want to stop the MDM program, then writes: tskill 120, then press enter.
  • completed

Simply wait here first ya tips - more tips

PDF To Word Converter Free 1.0

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PDF To Word Converter Free 1.0

Ever heard not file an application to convert PDF to word, if you have never let us see the good - good.

This time we will discuss the software called PDF To Word Converter Free 1.0, the app's free ...

Although PDF To Word Converter Free 1.0 is free but not least in terms of features similar to a paid software. Some of the features on this software are as follows:

Conversion tables and tabs
· Support for numbered lists and bulleted lists
· Identifies several types of file encoding
· Identify the size, font style and color
· Support unicode
· Can be used to convert password protected PDF file
· Supports the paragraph alignment
· Image

PDF To Word Converter Free comes with a simple interface making it easy to use. To perform the conversion process you only need to select the PDF file to be converted. By default the software will put the converted DOC file is in the same folder as the PDF file. The final step is to click the "Start Conversion". Long process of conversion depending on the size and level of complexity of the PDF file. The larger and more complex PDF files to be converted so it takes longer as well.

PDF To Word Converter can be run on computers with Windows operating system, with at least Pentium IV processor and 10 MB hard disk.

This software is only 2 mb Small Download

Create Border On Post

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Create Border On Post

How do I make a post by using the border, such as the post title above the tiled we will try to create a border post

Examples like this

Your Text Here

<div style="border: 1px #000000 solid; padding: 10px; background-color: #ABABAB ; text-align: left;"> Your Text Here </div>

Replace the paper in red with Border Type your desired under.
- Place the text or code that you want to Give Border on blue paper
- For placing it up buddy.

Type - Type of Border







Good luck all .... happy blogging colleague

Flag Animation

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Flag Animation

My colleagues all have to know to make an application khan berkibar.ok flag like that do not have to dwell so wide is the Flag Animation application, this application does not need to be installed as portable counterparts all just download and run the application

If colleagues all wanted to try the application please download here